Reenrollment Overview

Reenrollment Deadlines

Prospective Semester Preferred Deadline Dismissed from Current Semester
Fall April 1 June 5
Spring November 5 January 7

What is Reenrollment?

The University expects all degree-seeking students to make satisfactory progress towards earning their degrees by maintaining a cumulative 2.00 GPA or above. However, circumstances sometimes prevent students from maintaining a 2.00 GPA or cause students to take a break from attending the University. Reenrollment is the process by which these former students return to the University.

Any student who is not continuously enrolled (Fall and Spring semesters) must complete a reenrollment application.

Who Should Apply for Reenrollment?

Reenrollment pertains only to students who have previously registered for and attended courses at the University of Maryland, College Park. If you have never attended courses at the University, you should not apply for reenrollment.

Types of Reenrollment

There are two types of reenrollment: readmission and reinstatement.

Please select the quick link from the left menu that best matches your situation so we can provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to apply. Please scroll down on each page to read through all relevant information and email us at if you are not sure which link best matches your situation.

Decision Timeline

Reinstatement applicants can expect to receive a reinstatement decision within 4 to 6 weeks of submitting a complete application and clearing all financial and judicial blocks.

Readmission applicants can expect to receive a readmission decision within 10 business days of submitting a complete application and clearing all financial and judicial blocks.

When a decision is made, you will receive an email.